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Focus during the Holiday Season

During this season, it can seem overwhelming to even think about nutrition with all the parties, events, and non-stop sweet treats coming our way, but if you’ll follow a few tips, you’ll make it through without sacrificing your goals! So here they are:

🎄Focus on getting your protein in. Make sure with each meal, even at parties, to have at least a palm to a palm and a half sized serving of protein (chicken, fish, beef…whatever meat is being served)

🎄Make hydration a priority! If you catch yourself having a Holiday drink, have a glass of water in between. It won’t cure your potential hangover, but it’ll surely make it a little better. Even throughout the day while sipping your Christmas flavored coffees, don’t forget to sip on some water too!!!

🎄 Eat all the veggies and some fruit! They’re packed with nutrients so why not add them in?!

🎄 Be picky with your starches. Don’t fill your plate with any more than two cupped hand sized portions of starches (pastas, potatoes, rice…). And, if you plan to have a dessert, opt for one portion of starches.

🎄Stick to one Dessert, or two small half servings. If you know you’re going to have dessert, opt to not dip your hand into the community candy bowl at work 5 times that day (only once or twice). That drastically decreases “not so healthy” calorie intake if you do!

🎄Workout! We all know training makes us feel better, so don’t slack on your training, even if it is a quick version of your workout because you’re in a rush! Just sweat for a few minutes and then the mental guilt that some of us experience, won’t be so daunting!

🎄 Sleep. Make sure you’re resting and recovering like you should be!! Sleep heals the body so get your 7-9 hours each night if you can!!!!

🎄Loosen up and enjoy your time with your family and friends. Give yourself some grace, and have fun with your family. Experience what Christmas is about with the people you love. Don’t be so rigged that you miss out on the Hot Cocoa with marshmallows that your niece made, or the cake your grandmother made and you loved growing up. Don’t miss those opportunities. Cherish them. They won’t always be there so enjoy them while you can!!!!

It is my prayer that you all have a healthy and happy, joy-filled Christmas season!!! Stay tuned for more nutrition and wellness tips to come!!!

Merry Christmas

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