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New Year, New Goals, right??? Righttttt!!!!!

Every January, we are surrounded by people who have these grand plans for a new years resolution and we all know those people who are saying, "oh, its a new year and its gonna be a new me!" But do those people know that for a goal to be reached, a plan has to be implemented and carried out? So many people have goals but they are never reached because they get frustrated with the wandering path they are skipping around on trying to get one step closer, yet seeming to never really move, and their "new year, new me" goal is left lying dead just like all the other failed resolutions of years past..... Can someone please tell me I am right??? I know I am because I know I am pretty guilty of this from time to time, and when there isn't instant gratification, I want to quit, or I DO quit.... disregarding the little pot of gold that sits just one concentrated effort away from me and my "goal".

This is why I think it is so important to change our perspective on "goals" and how we reach them. For a lot of people, their goal can be very daunting and HUGE! Like, "this month, I want to lose 40 pounds'" or "I want to run a marathon in March." These goals are such awesome goals for someone, but they are HUGE goals. One, if successfully completed would cause someone to have a very unhealthy relationship with their body and what proper nutrition means and the other, if not properly trained for in a timely manner could lead to some very serious injuries.

Our perspective on goals needs to be changed. Instead of looking at the goal that seems sooooooo far away and out of reach, we need to focus our attention on smaller "sub-goals" that will help us stay focused in order to reach our coveted end goal. Below is a list of tips that may help you along the way to successfully stay the course and attain your goals!!

  1. Physically write down your goal and put it where it is visible.

  2. Review it every single day.

  3. Discard things that clutter your day that do not lead you closer to your goal.

  4. Write an outline of the small goals to accomplish each month to get you closer to your end goal.

  5. Build a plan to carry out the small goals and set aside time every single day to focus time on the baby steps.

  6. Have an accountability partner to hold you accountable.

  7. Don't lose sight of what you set out to accomplish and celebrate the little "wins" along the way.

I hope these steps will help someone re-build their plan, and focus on the little things that need to be done in order to reach those goals! If this helped you at all, let me know!!

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