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Wondering if you need a Nutrition Coach?

Have you ever felt like you’re on a food wheel, going in circle, eating the same crappy food, with no real rhyme or reason?! I get it, I’ve been there. A lot of people get it because they are currently there, too!! You’re busy, your work is crazy, not to mention your kids have 367 things to get done before going to bed, and quite frankly, fast food is just convenient. But what if you knew what you were doing was causing your body more harm than good; causing your heart damage, damaging your liver, increasing your blood pressure, maybe damaging your pancreas, causing increased inflammation in your body…. If you knew these things, WOULD YOU MAKE A CHANGE??? Would you be more committed to changing your nutrition if you knew what was healthy versus what was ”not so great” for you, and what simple changes to make to avoid chronic illness?? Do you know what foods to avoid? What foods you need?! What foods will keep you feeling fuller longer, and which ones make your stomach growl so loud that your co-worker in the cubicle beside you can hear it at exactly 2pm EVERY DAY!?!

Well, if your ears perked up at any of these questions, and you are concerned with living a healthier life, then maybe a nutrition coach is for you!

As a coach, I guide my clients through a learning process that makes making lifestyle and nutrition changes simple, and easily understood! It isn’t about a fad diet, or a magic pill or shake that will make you lose weight in a week; it is about teaching and learning how to be mindful, make changes, and get healthier (and happier) in the process. Nobody wants to be defined by chronic illness, so it is up to you to take control of your life and do what is necessary to ensure that you are doing just that!!

We aren’t born with the knowledge of proper nutrition and if you’re like me, you sure didn’t grow up learning it. So, if getting healthier is something you’re desperately needing, maybe a coach is what you should consider!! I’m here for you and would love to help you on your journey!!! If you have questions, or need guidance on what is best for you individually, please reach out to me. If my coaching is not appropriate for you, then I will be able to guide you to other professionals who can help you with your goals!!

Also, look for my future blog posts about all things health, nutrition, and wellness!!!


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